Eryn's Story

My name is Eryn Atton and I am a registered Homeopath in Barrie, Ontario as well as the owner of Barrie Homeopathy.  I am a graduate of The Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and I am an active Full Class member with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario.


My journey into homeopathy began a number of years ago when I became ill while I was on vacation.  I was sick for almost three years and no one could figure out what was wrong.  Although I believe traditional medicine plays a very important role in our world, with no diagnosis or plan for treatment I began researching alternative options and was introduced to a wonderful Homeopath named France.  She was able to figure out what was going on at my initial consultation and started treatment right away.  Within a month I felt better than I had in years and within 6 months I was back to my old self, as if nothing had ever happened.  Through this process I started to research homeopathy, what it was, how and why it worked.  After satisfying my curiosity, I decided that I wanted to help people the same way that France had helped me.

 After many years of studying at CCHM while working full time and raising a family, I graduated and opened Barrie Homeopathy.  


My patients are my passion and I am so grateful to be able to help people heal through homeopathy.

I give every patient my undivided attention each time we meet, there is no hurrying the process.  I listen, answer questions, ask questions and take all aspects of the patients health and lifestyle into consideration before making any recommendations on treatment or medications (remedies).

I continue to enrich my education by attending seminars and taking courses.  I also learn from each and every patient I have the opportunity to work with.

I look forward to helping you heal through homeopathy.