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Appointment Packages

Acute Consultation Packages:

Acute Appointment Packages saves you time and money when you're sick.  These packages include the Acute Consultation and the Remedies you need during your acute illness.  They can be used for anyone in your family.

5 Acute Consultations Package - $125 + HST

10 Acute Consultations Package - $225 + HST

-regular price per Acute - $30 + HST

Constitutional Treatment Packages:

A Constitutional Treatment Package saves you money over the course of your treatment.  These packages include your Initial Consultation, Three Follow Ups and the Remedies needed during this time.

Child Constitutional Treatment Package - $255 + HST

-regular price - $300 + HST

Adult Constitutional Treatment Package - $350 + HST

-regular price - $395 + HST

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