February 28, 2019

Attached below is a very interesting article about how Homeopathy is being used to treat and prevent malaria in Kiryandongo refugee Camp that houses refugees from The Congo, Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda.  The video attached to the article tells of their recovery from malar...

February 27, 2019

Constipation in childhood is an ailment I see on a fairly regular basis.  Usually it is quick to resolve but on occasion you come across a child that needs some extra help.

There are many reasons why children may end up constipated like toilet training issues,...

February 25, 2019

Over the course of the last year I've been working on creating special programs to focus on helping specific groups of people and I am so very excited to introduce the first of these programs today, The Expectant Moms Program!!

The goal of this program is to s...

February 22, 2019

Can homeopathy help with Asthma, eczema, high blood pressure, depression? These questions comes up on a daily basis in practice and this article gives a concise answer with links to a couple of other insightful articles. 

I hope you enjoy the read!!

Link to Article

February 20, 2019

One of my favourite populations to work with is expecting Mothers.  Not only can most expecting Moms use homeopathy safely throughout their pregnancy to manage morning sickness, heartburn, acute illnesses and so much more, it can also be used to help with labour, deliv...

February 18, 2019

Happy Family Day from all of us at Barrie Homeopathy & Wellness Centre!

We hope it was a day filled with loved ones, doing the things you love the most!

February 15, 2019

The inside of the nose is covered with moist, delicate tissue that has a rich supply of blood vessels. These blood vessels are very close to the surface in order to control the temperature of each breath of air so that it is just right for the head and the lungs....

February 13, 2019

In the last blog I wrote about good remedies to have on hand for sunburn, insect bites/stings and overindulgence.  Now lets talk about food poisoning, travellers diarrhea and motion sickness.

Food Poisoning

Arsenicum Album:

This remedy is wonderful for treating...

February 11, 2019

Are you heading south for some fun in the sun?  Don't go empty handed, remember to pack the following remedies to help you cope with common health concerns when you head down south.



This is the main first-aid remedy for any type of burn. The skin is red...

February 8, 2019

Here's a list of our Free classes for the next 6 months.  Keep an eye on the website though as there may be more added...

Feb. 13th - Treating Common Childhood Illnesses with Homeopathy in Bracebridge with Friends of Muskoka Midwives.

Feb. 20th - Treating Common Childhoo...

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