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Homeopathy Fees and Forms

Before the initial consultation, patients are asked to complete a patient intake form.  These forms will give you the opportunity to reflect on all aspects of your health history without using up the valuable appointment time.  Each patient is asked to fill out an intake form and send it back via email to before their first appointment.  

Below are links to the patient intake forms as well as the fee schedule.

Insurance Information

Homeopathy is now covered by many extended health care plans including but not limited to:


-Blue Cross

-Green Shields

-Liberty Health

-Maritime Life



Please check with your employer regarding the specifics of your coverage.  Some plans offer homeopathic coverage on it's own and other plans offer it under the banner of Complementary Services.  Some plans also allow you to designate where/how your benefit dollars are spent and you can choose homeopathic treatment.

If your plan doesn't currently cover homeopathy, you can speak with your provider and inform them that you'd like to see homeopathic treatment covered in the future.   Homeopathic treatment is one of the most cost effective medical treatments available.

Whether you have benefits that cover homeopathy or not, you can claim homeopathic treatment on your tax return under "Medical Expenses".

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