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Homeopathy & Head Lice

The kids are back in school and guess what else is back…HEAD LICE!

We all dread the letter that comes home in our child’s backpack stating that someone in the class has head lice. For most school aged children, the prevention and treatment of head lice is reality and the Fall and Early Winter is the worst season for it. Unfortunately, we’ve been using chemical treatments for so long that the lice have become resistant. So now what can we do to get rid of them? In this blog you will find some tips for prevention and treatment of head lice along with some homeopathic remedies that will also help.


Never share hats, hair brushes or hair accessories with anyone.

If possible, put your hat in the sleeve of your coat when you hang it up at school so that it’s not laying with other peoples hats.

Put 10 drops of tea tree oil into shampoo bottles every time you replace them. Lice hate tea tree oil!

Spray hair and back packs with hairspray. Lice also hate hairspray.


This is a lot of work but if you’re thorough, the lice will be gone.

You need to kill the live lice AND get rid of every egg. If you miss an egg, the cycle starts again.

The best way I’ve found to get rid of lice is to saturate the hair and scalp with mayonnaise or oil. Once you’ve covered the head with mayonnaise or oil, cover the hair with a plastic bag or saran wrap. The combination of mayo/oil and saran wrap will suffocate the live lice.

After one hour of having the head wrapped, rinse the hair with vinegar. The vinegar will help to break down the glue that holds the eggs on the hair shaft so the they’re easier to remove. Give your hair a really good wash after that and then move on to nit-picking.

I have found that the nit combs are helpful but they don’t necessarily get everything so I recommend separating the hair into sections and going through it section by section. You need to pay close attention to the area within one inch of the scalp as that’s where eggs are laid and thrive. You will need good light, a comb and something to put the tiny eggs in to dispose of them.

Once the nit picking is done, you’ll want to blow dry the hair on as high a heat as you can stand. Then, if you have one, you can use a flat iron on high heat. Lice can’t survive the heat so this is a great step if you can do it.

Over the course of the next week you should regularly check the head for evidence of more lice and eggs. And then at day seven, repeat the mayonnaise treatment to be sure you’re in the clear.

In the meantime, there’s a lot of cleaning to be done. All the bedding/blankets need to be washed/dried at high temperatures. Vacuum the mattresses, couches etc and put stuffed animals in a tied off plastic bag in the garage or freezer. Lice can live away from a host for up to 24 hours so you want to remove anything that could be harbouring lice.

Homeopathic remedies for Head Lice:

Each of the following remedies are appropriate to use with head lice, but in order to find the one that will work the best, you must match the remedy with the person. You should always consult with a registered Homeopath before self-prescribing to make sure you use the correct remedy.

Here is a brief outline of each remedy

Staphysagria: The number one remedy for head lice and it works well for a person that is sensitive and has suppressed emotions.

Apis: Suited to busy, curious and fidgety children.

Lachesis: Works nicely for jealous children that are talkative, strong minded and intense.

Lycopodium: Suited to the child with low confidence that is easily overwhelmed by expectations.

Nux Vomica: Best used with children that are lethargic, have dark circles under the eyes, loss of appetite and nausea.

Sulphur: A good remedy for a warm blooded child that hates having a bath and washing their hair. They love junk food and can be quite lazy and messy.

If you or someone you know gets head lice and you’re looking for a more natural, but still effective way of dealing with it, please call me at 705-790-0132 or email me at for an acute consultation.

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