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Exam Time!

This time of year is incredibly stressful for teenagers as they enter their high school exam period. I’ve had lots of parents ask me how they can help their teens cope with the stress of exams so I thought I’d write a quick post to help anyone else that might be struggling.

Anxiety can increase with inadequate rest, poor nutrition, dehydration, insufficient exercise and too many stimulants. I know it’s not always easy to get your teens to sleep enough, eat properly and get plenty of exercise but there are also some wonderful remedies that can


Some of my favourite remedies to consider are:


-anxiety from anticipation

-these people want to hide to avoid stressful situations

-shaking, stuttering, unable to think

Argentum Nitricum:

-diarrhea from anticipation

-heart palpitations and twitching

-nervous people that are always in a hurry

-lots of fears and anxieties in general

-“what if’s” are always the big concern


-diarrhea from anxiety


-waking up between 12 and 1 am worrying

-worries about health, money and fear of failing



-big appetite

-heartburn with sour belching

-these people lack confidence, but usually do well when it counts

-they have a fear failure and ridicule

Nux Vomica:

-very competitive people

-high achievers

-prone to constipation and heartburn

-often use stimulants to help them stay awake late to study

You should always consult a professional homeopath for advice on remedy choice, potency and dosage frequency.

Please contact me for a 15 minute acute consultation if you’d like help choosing a remedy to help your teenager through their exam time.

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