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The Use of Homeopathy in an ICU

In 2005, The Shore Health System of Maryland ICU conducted research using the homeopathic remedy Kali bichromium, (Kali-bi). They found that it reduced excessive mucous in seriously ill patients, lessened their times on ventilators, resulted in less respiratory complications and shortened their stay in the ICU.

Those patients in the control group that did not receive Kali-bi took longer to recover with some patients even having to return to the ventilator after having it removed because they struggled to breathe. This was not the case for any of the patients that took Kali-bi. As a result, the hospital added Kali-bi to their pharmacy.

Kali-bi is frequently used by homeopaths to treat colds, chest infections, and sinus infections that have thick stringy mucous among other symptoms.

For more information on the research paper that led to Kali-bi being used in this ICU please visit the link below.

Please always seek the advice of a registered homeopath before self administering remedies.

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