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Canine Flu and Homeopathy

The canine flu has appeared in Simcoe County. This flu is highly contagious as infected dogs can start shedding the virus before any symptoms even appear. Places like kennels, off leash parks, and classes are prime places to pick up the flu. Very young dogs, older dogs and those with underlying respiratory or cardiac disease are at the highest risk with this illness.

The symptoms of canine flu include coughing, sneezing, fever, runny nose that can run from clear to thick yellow-green mucous, rapid breathing, difficult breathing, loss of appetite, and lethargy. This flu can last from 10-30 days and conventionally there’s not a lot you can do to help other than provide supportive care.

This is where homeopathy can play a wonderful role in helping your pet recover. To start, you need to be sure that you are actually dealing with the canine flu by carefully checking the symptom set. If you're not sure, a visit to the vet may be in order to be sure that you're not dealing with something else that would require require different treatment. This flu starts with sneezing followed by harsh dry coughing that often ends with retching. The cough can get quite intense and be a cause for concern. Dogs become lethargic and lose their appetites and they can become restless. Their eyes and nose both then start to run and they can have a fever and excessive panting as well.

If your dogs symptoms match these, then there are two remedies in particular that could be helpful: Phosphorus 30C and Nux Vomica 30C.

To start treatment, dissolve 3 pellets of Phosphorus 30C into four ounces of water.

Using a syringe or eyedropper, give your dog 20 drops of this remedy in his/her mouth three times a day, (bedtime, morning and bedtime). Make sure to give it to them 20 minutes away from their meals.

Note any changes or improvements in symptoms over the course of the next day. If your dog is improving, do nothing more. If he/she stops improving or relapses, give him/her one more dose and watch for another 6 hours. As long as there is improvement, (less coughing, less intense etc), there’s no need to re-dose.

If you’ve given the Phosphorus 4 times and there aren’t any changes or your dog stops responding to Phosphorus, then you can switch to the Nux Vomica 30C and administer it in the same way as listed above.

If you’re struggling to assess symptoms or they don’t quite match the list above, you can schedule an acute consultation with Eryn by phoning Barrie Homeopathy & Wellness Centre at (705) 790-0132 or visiting These consultations are only 15 minutes, in person or over the phone, whatever is easier for you.

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