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The Controversy of the "Australian Report"

Many Critics of homeopathy often refer to the "Australian Report" for support. This report was released in 2015 suggesting that homeopathy didn't work.

As it turns out, there are a number of problems with this report that are currently being investigated. Among many others issues, they are investigating:

-Use of an inappropriate scientific method

-Failure to use standardised, accepted methods

-Failure to obtain sufficiently accurate data to perform a meaningful review

-Failure to conduct an effective preliminary and public consultation

-Significant post-hoc changes to the research protocolImpact of NHMRC’s unusual method on the review results

-Further evidence of bias and misreporting

-Poor reporting – lack of clarity, inconsistencies and errors

-Evidence that this was a case of deliberate bias, not scientific error.

For a full understanding of the report and the problems with it, please follow the link below.

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