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Teething is an inevitable but often very painful and upsetting time for both infants and parents. There are various disruptions that your child can experience from pain to diarrhea to sleeplessness and rashes. Homeopathy can help your sweet baby through this trying time though. Here are a number of remedies that could be of use for your teething child:

Aconite: When there is a lot of pain with restlessness and biting of fingers as well as sleeplessness, crying, fever and a hot head.

Belladonna: Lots of moaning. Child can wake from sleep and look frightened. Face and eyes could be red with dilated pupils and a hot head. Violent starting and jumping while sleeping and sometimes when awake.

Calcarea carbonica: The child's head perspires greatly during sleep. Stools can be hard and chalky. Child tends to be fair and plump.

Chamomilla: The child starts and jumps in their sleep. They are quite upset and insist on being carried everywhere – and only carrying the child seems to relieve him or her. One cheek may be red and the other pale and they can have diarrhea that is watery, slimy and green.

Cina: The child rubs its nose a great deal and is restless in sleep. Can also be very hungry. If teeth have already cut through – they may grind these during sleep.

Coffea crudum: The child is very excitable and sleepless. They may cry and laugh easily but can be in a state of exhaustion.

Magnesia carb: Green, frothy and foul smelling diarrhea during teething – diarrhea lasts a long time.

Magnesia mur: Teeth are slow to cut through. Child may have distended abdomen and be constipated. The stools are often large and crumble.

Mercurius solubilis: Copious salivation with slimy diarrhea or green stools with difficulty passing them.

Podophyllum: Painful diarrhea with screaming and the stools are often green. Child can grind whatever teeth have already cut through.

Silicea: Weak children with profuse salivation. Frequent or almost continued grasping at gums. Fever towards evening and a hot head. Their feet often perspire profusely and the perspiration can have a strong odor. These children also sweat from the head during sleep.

For help deciphering symptoms, choosing a remedy and how to administer it, please contact Eryn for a quick acute appointment at 705-790-0132 or book online at

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