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Arsenic Poisoning Treated with Homeopathy

The following article, published by Homeopathy Plus, explains how Arsenicum Album is being used to successfully treat Arsenic poisoning from contaminated groundwater. Such an interesting read and promising treatment. Enjoy!

Groundwater in numerous parts of the world is contaminated by arsenic, and populations too impoverished to live elsewhere are slowly poisoned by it. Hundreds of millions of people are affected, some to the point of death.

Researchers concerned about this problem have explored ways of managing it but so far the standard approaches of arsenic chelators, tube-wells, and watershed management have had little impact on affected populations.

Research involving homeopathically prepared arsenic (known by its Latin name, Arsenicum album), has produced far more promising results, though.

In a 2003 study, potentized Arsenicum album successfully combated arsenic intoxication in mice. This finding was then replicated in a 2005 study consisting of two human trials in arsenic affected communities of West Bengal.

In these trials, arsenic-toxic people were given the homeopathic arsenic. Over following days and weeks they excreted higher levels of arsenic in their urine, and their blood arsenic levels and other toxicity biomarkers dropped.

The researchers reported that the arsenic therapy, “…improved considerably the overall physical strength, appetite and food digestion, and also mental cheerfulness in these subjects with a general feeling of better health. Even within 2 months, some volunteers with severe skin complaints started showing some amelioration of their symptoms.”

These results demonstrate a simple and inexpensive method for detoxing the growing number people affected by this problem.

The only proviso is that arsenic poisoning cannot be completely prevented with homeopathy as long as the inciting cause continues – only ameliorated.

Clean drinking water is needed for ongoing health, but homeopathic arsenic appears to offer a simple short-term strategy for dealing with the health problems of those with arsenic toxicity.

References are listed on the original article which can be found here:

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