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Chronic Pain & Homeopathy

Chronic pain is characterized as pain that lasts for 12 weeks or more and can end up with a diagnosis of arthritis, shingles, fibromyalgia or neuropathic pain, among hundreds of others.

The longstanding form of treatment for chronic pain is management through prescription painkillers which can have very detrimental health effects and can eventually lead to dependence/addiction.

However, there is another option and that is homeopathy.

Homeopathy is used to treat millions of patients worldwide, (over 600 million patients currently use homeopathy according to the World Health Organization), with great success. It can be used to treat many ailments including but not limited to chronic pain. It can provide pain relief without the worry of addiction and side effects.

Here are a couple of real-life cases taken from an article written by Sarah Trask, HD (RHOM), DSHM in The Chronicle Herald.

Case one

Patient presented with severe neurological pain, all on the left side of the body, for the better part of a year. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis by a neurologist, they came for homeopathic treatment. After careful investigation, it was found that the pain had initially begun only a few hours after receiving a Hepatitis B vaccination, which may have been a side effect.

The pain was accompanied by numbness and tingling and concomitant visual disturbances, as well as severe constipation. Remedy Sepia Officianalis 200ch was administered daily for five days, and by day seven, the patient was pain free in addition to vision being restored completely and, after a month, bowel movements were regular again. This patient had a relapse of visual disturbance six months later, took one more dose of remedy and has been normal without relapse for last five years.

Case two

Patient presented with fibromyalgia and joint pain for two years and was unable to work or care for family because of the pain. The painkillers and sleeping pills made them too fatigued to even complete daily chores. Depression and weight gain followed as a result of chronic pain (very common).

The pain was worse in the evening and night, worse when standing, worse when lying on the right side, better in heat and dry weather and worse with the approach of a storm. Depression manifested in apathy and feelings of indifference, and the patient had severe indecisiveness. This patient would also experience night sweats, especially on the chest and torso.

The remedy given was Phosphorus 1M and, within three weeks, pain was reduced by 75 per cent and the patient felt more alert and was sleeping through the night (no more sweats). Two months later, pain level is reduced almost 100 per cent and this patient feels energetic and motivated enough to begin exercising, feelings of apathy are gone and there’s no need for painkillers or sleeping pills.

Homeopathy only works when the time is taken to investigate and match a persons specific symptoms not just a diagnosis. A homeopath will look not only at symptoms, but also for known causes, things that make the pain better or worse, time of day things occur etc. Once they've taken all of this information in, they will analyze it and provide a remedy that treats the persons specific symptom set. If done correctly, homeopathy can be incredibly effective.

If you or someone you know suffers from chronic pain and want to explore homeopathy to see if it could help you, please contact Eryn at or schedule a free 15 minute phone call to get your questions answered.

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