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Homeopathy for Chicken Pox

Chicken pox can be painful and annoying and the only thing you can do is let it runs it's course. However, homeopathy can help speed up the healing process – and quickly calm the itch and irritation of this illness.

Here area a few of the remedies that are often helpful with chicken pox:

Rhus toxicodendron:

This is the number one remedy and typically the only one required. Intense, annoying itching. Under its action the disease soon disappears.


Like Rhus toxicodendron, rash is extremely annoying; The patient is very thirsty and hungry but takes more than can eat.


Early cases, with restlessness, anxiety and high fever.

Antimonium tart:

Delayed or receding, blue or pustular eruptions. Drowsy, sweaty and relaxed; nausea. Tardy eruption, to accelerate it. Associated with bronchitis, especially in children.


Severe headache: face flushed; hot skin. Drowsiness with inability to sleep.


To be used should vesicles discharge pus.

You should always consult a registered Homeopath for advice with proper remedy selection, potency and dosage instructions.

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