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Travel Anxiety + Homeopathy

For many, travel is an exciting and fun adventure but for some, it's a daunting and sometimes terrifying experience. Homeopathy can help you manage this anxiety so that your travels may be much more enjoyable!

Here are a few remedies that can be useful:

Gelsemium is useful anticipatory anxiety, specifically if you have diarrhea, your mouth may feel numb and you have trouble thinking because you feel somewhat "numb" mentally.

Argentum Nitricum is helpful for people that are more impulsive. The travel anxiety makes them want to walk around to feel better. These people often have a fear of heights and crave sugary treats.

Aconite is useful when travel anxiety turns into outright panic. The person needing aconite often feels they are literally facing death and they are restless with this extreme fear.

If you suffer from travel anxiety these remedies may be useful. If you suffer from anxiety in general you should consult with a registered homeopath that can help you choose an appropriate remedy to treat the underlying issues.

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