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Jet Lag and Homeopathy

It's summer time!! For some of us that means over seas travel! As much fun as travelling over seas can be, jet lag is no fun at all. While we can't avoid jet lag entirely, there are things we can do to minimize the effects.

Here are some tips to help you cope with jet lag and enjoy your trip a little more...

1. Make sure to start your trip well rested. Although excitement may be kicking in, it is important to calm your schedule for 24-48 hours before departure so that you're not in a hectic frenzy as you're leaving which will likely cause you to have a difficult day or two upon arrival. Being well rested will give your body the best chance to deal with the time change.

2. Once in flight, Set your watch/phone to the local time of where you're travelling to. This will help reset your mind and start focusing on what time it is when you land.

3. If at all possible, use the fight time to sleep. You may want to bring ear plugs, a sleep mask and a neck pillow to help you drown out your neighbours and catch some rest.

4. Stay hydrated and get some exercise on the plane. It's easy to become dehydrated while flying and that can only make matters worse so be sure to drink plenty of water. Although there's not a lot of space to exercise in a plane, a occasional walk up and down the aisles or some small exercises in your seat is always beneficial.

5. When you arrive, stay awake! As difficult as this might be, plan to do something upon arrival that will keep you awake. Nothing too strenuous, but enough to stay alert. A walking tour, visit a museum etc. If you can stay awake until the evening, you'll have a great sleep and be ready to go the next morning in your new time zone!

6. Take these homeopathic remedies with you to help ease the transition:

The number one remedy you'll want to have on hand to combat jet lag is Arnica 30C. Arnica will give you a second wind to help you stay up until the local bedtime and allow you to adjust to your new time zone quickly. You can take one pellet every 3-4 hours from arrival to the local bedtime.

Another remedy that could prove useful is Cocculus 30C. This is beneficial for those that are struggling to sleep and still feel like they're still in motion. You can use this remedy on an as needed basis.

The final remedy to take with you is Gelsemium 30C. This remedy will help if you have a sense of paralysis. If your limbs are so heavy that they're difficult to lift (even your eyelids will feel very heavy), then gelsemium is for you. You can use this remedy on an as needed basis as well.

When taking a remedy, remember to take it 20 minutes away from all food, drinks, gum and toothpaste and try not to touch the pellets with your hands, just tip them from the bottle into your mouth.

For more information on how to use these remedies, or to have a small travel kit put together for you, please contact Eryn at or call 705-790-0132

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