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Fear of Flying + Homeopathy

Fear of flying is a very common fear and one that we can't always avoid unless we decide to stay put. For those if us that decide to fly despite our fears, here are some remedies that could help you manage those flights better.

Argentum Nitricum:

The person needing this remedy will be very anxious and restless, they may also have diarrhea. They tend to focus on "what if's" like "what if the plane crashes". Their fear is more related to heights and claustrophobia. They need open air and space from crowds to feel better.


The person needing aconite will be terrified, panicked and sure "they will die in a plane crash". This terrifying panic can come on quite suddenly right before or during the flight.

Arsenicum Album:

This person can't bear to be alone and needs to be constantly reassured that they will be ok. They are mainly afraid of dying and need to be surrounded by people to feel better.


The person needing this remedy will be trembling with anxiety. Their muscles will feel weak and heavy and they struggle getting their body to move the way they want it to.

Nux Vomica:

This person is incredibly impatient and angry while they are waiting. Stimulants like alcohol and coffee make the anxiety worse.

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