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Hand, Foot and Mouth & Homeopathy

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is a common childhood illness and while it's not dangerous, it certainly isn't pleasant. The disease is characterized by the sores that appear on the hands, feet and mouths of the children. These sores can also appear on their bottoms and legs though. Although this is classified as a children's disease and is most common for kids under the age of 10, adults can also get it. Here are the three most common remedies for HFMD but keep in mind that there are many more that could prove useful.

Mercurius solubis:

Mouth sores can be very severe and are worse at night. They may have a fever before getting the blisters and may alternate between getting too hot with perspiration and becoming chilled at night; becoming too hot or too cold makes them worse in general. There is a tendency to drool or to have an excess of saliva in the mouth; the breath may be quite offensive with pus visible on the tonsils or elsewhere in the mouth.

Antimonium tart:

In the chill stage of fever the child has gooseflesh and icy cold skin. In the heat stage of fever, the child clings to those around and wants to be carried. They will also sweat profusely or be cold and clammy. They typically don’t want to be touched or looked at, are thirstless despite the dry, cracked, parched tongue. The tongue can also have whitish discolouration in the centre while the tongue tip and sides are clean, moist and red. They may crave apples or apple juice.


This child will refuse to talk during fever. They desire cold drinks and cold food during fever. There can be great heat and dryness of the mouth with white ulcers that are tender, and can bleed on touch and eating. There may also be painful red blisters on tongue. The sore mouth prevents infants from nursing. There is also a fear of downward motion, the child will startle easily and they are very sensitive to sudden noises.

You should always seek the advice of a licensed homeopath, (15 minute acute consultation in person or on the phone), to help you choose the correct remedy, potency and frequency of doses.

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