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Morning Sickness & Homeopathy

In the exciting first trimester of pregnancy, lots of women have to deal with "first trimester morning sickness". I put that in quotations because it's not usually confined to the first trimester and it's almost never just in the morning. There are a few simple things you can do help with the nausea like eating crackers while lying in bed before getting up, drinking a bit of water while sitting up in bed before you get up. Drinking ginger tea, avoiding caffeine, and eating many small meals/snacks throughout the day to stave off the empty stomach nausea. If these things don't provide enough relief, you can always take a homeopathic remedy as they are safe to use during pregnancy. I have only listed a few of the common remedies here that will help control your nausea but if they don't work OR you're having a lot of vomiting, you should seek the assistance of a licensed homeopath to help you choose the correct remedy, potency and frequency of doses.

Sepia: Your nausea is worse from the smell and thought of food. You have a sinking feeling in the stomach that makes you feel faint. Eating may relieve it but only temporarily. You crave vinegar and pickles as well as sweets. You have a sensation of heaviness or sagging in the pelvis. You may feel indifferent to your loved ones because you’re exhausted but physical exercise makes you feel better overall.

Nux Vomica: Your nausea is strong, especially in bed on waking, but you’re unable to vomit. You are hungry but feel worse after eating, with indigestion and cramping. You may be irritable and over sensitive to noise and light.

Pulsatilla: Your nausea is worse in a warm stuffy room, better with open air and better from walking slowly. You crave rich, sweet and fatty foods but they make you feel worse. You are not thirsty. You tend to be weepy with changeable moods, you want comfort and reassurance. Eating the wrong foods can bring on headaches with bursting pain over your eyes.

Choose the remedy that best matches your symptoms and you can take one pellet at a 6C potency 4 times a day. If you don't experience relief, you should contact a licensed homeopath to help you choose the correct remedy, potency and frequency of doses. It's no fun living with morning sickness and a properly chosen homeopathic remedy could help bring you relief and enjoy this exciting time!

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