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Homeopathy for Motion Sickness

Motion sickness happens when our equilibrium is upset by the motion of a car, plane, or boat. This happens when our eyes adjust to the movements we're seeing but our inner ear does not, causing our sense of stability to be thrown off.

This can cause us to feel nauseous, dizzy, we can sweat, go pale/green and even vomit. That's no fun, especially when we're travelling!

Homeopathy can help to restore this balance and leave you feeling much better. Here are some of the more common remedies that can help with motion sickness:


This is the most common remedy for motion sickness. The person needing this remedy will have dizziness, waves of nausea with belching, and an empty feeling in the stomach with a metallic taste in the mouth. The nausea is made worse with the smell and even the sight of food. Getting up makes the dizziness and nausea worse, as does fresh air. They need to lie down to prevent vomiting. They feel anxious, dazed and confused.

Nux Vomica:

Motion sickness with great irritability and impatience. There is continual nausea and vomiting which can feel like food poisoning. They produce excessive amounts of saliva and have a hard time vomiting.


This person is very touchy, irritable and indignant when they are experiencing motion sickness. They don't want to be touched or comforted. They do not have any strong symptoms although they can have a colicky stomach ache.


Intense nausea, with weakness, profuse salivation and cold sweating. The face is white as a sheet, and they feel utterly wretched. The nausea is better for fresh air, but it may make them feel more dizzy.

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