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Homeopathy for Swimmers Ear

Although the outdoor swimming season in Canada has come to a close, a lot of us are still swimming at the indoor pools. I recently had swimmers ear so thought this post would be appropriate.

Here are four of the most used remedies for swimmers ear. Please remember that is is always best to seek the advice of a licensed Homeopath for remedy selection, potency and frequency of dose.


Sudden onset earache with fever and pain that can wake you from sleep. You may wake nervous or scared. May be thirsty for cold drinks and feel better in open air. Worse after exposure to cold or getting chilled.


Often the fist remedy when body part goes red and inflamed and throbs. It’s worse with touch and movement and often on the right side. The pain may travel down the neck as well as a fever being present.

Hepar Sulph:

Ear can be sensitive to touch and to cold but does well with applying heat. Pain feels like stitches and there may also be a smelly discharge. Ear pains are worse at night.


Sensitivity to heat and the may be hot and painful when touched wth the cheeks are often pale. Ears feel blocked and may be accompanied by a thick yellow discharge. The person needing this remedy is also worse at night.