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A Letter From A Patient's Mom...

The letter below was posted publicly on Facebook by a Mom whose son I was treating. I wanted to share it with you here, with her permission, as I see so many children in practice and absolutely love to help them! I would say that 50% of my practice is children and some of the more common reasons I see kids are for behaviour concerns, anxiety, skin conditions and acute ailments. The letter is attached below with a link to the original post on Facebook. Enjoy the read!!

*LONG POST ALERT....but kinda worth the read *

So I'm sure I'm not the only parent out there that struggles with raising a boy. Quinn Root is obviously perfect (duh) but it is no secret that school has never been high on his list of favourite pastimes. For a few years, he has struggled to stay on task and focused in school. We have tried a lot of great techniques with some success. This year Quinn Root is in grade 3, the work and expectations are harder and higher, and he wasn't thriving. We are so fortunate to have a very caring and engaged teacher who was keeping us in the loop about Quinn's difficulties. We knew he lacked focus, a main reason why we put him in karate, with much success, but this year things were a bit more concerning. Quinn would get very frustrated and angry when faced with a task he felt was too difficult, and would basically shut down. Chris Root and I were baffled since the behaviour he was displaying at school was nothing like his behaviour at home. We eventually realized that Quinn was suffering from stress related anxiety, and since at home his stress level is minimal we never saw what the teacher saw. Luckily I just happen to be friends with Eryn Aitchison Atton, a Homeopath. I didn't know much about it, but since all our techniques and reminders weren't helping Quinn and we weren't willing to medicate him, I decided to give Homeopathy a try. Quinn was not feeling good about himself, he felt terrible about having bad days at school, and that was devastating to see as a parent. So Eryn sat down with me, asked a bunch of questions about Quinn Root (some that seemed relevant and some that didn't.... But she's the expert, so I trusted the process). After our appointment she took a couple days and then came to us with a Homeopathic remedy for Quinn.

Quinn Root received one dose of this remedy, which according to Eryn, was designed to give him what his body was lacking. One dose, that's it.

It's been almost one month and the changes in Quinn's daily school life have been remarkable! He is able to manage his stress, he doesn't get angry, he doesn't shut down, he is so much happier. Yes he still has a few little blips here and there but nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to an 8 year old boy stuck at school all day! He hasn't thought twice about the remedy he received, he just knows he feels better about himself.

I am sharing this with all of you because I know how devastating it can be to know your child is struggling and feel like you are at your wits end. I find people are too quick to diagnose our children with ADHD, ADD, etc. Not that those diagnoses aren't real, I truly believe they are, but I just don't think it's that black and white. I would be lying if I said I understood Homeopathy before this experience, especially since I work in the medical field, and only really know about drugs and medications, but this experience and outcome has been a game changer for us. So please if you happen to find yourself in a similar situation, before deciding on medication for your child, consider giving Homeopathy a try.

Thank you Eryn from Barrie Homeopathy & Wellness Centre ! You have made our amazing boy feel so much better about himself!!

To read the original post, please follow the link below...

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