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Using Homeopathy for Grief

I have seen a few patients recently that are experiencing some pretty big losses in their life so I thought I'd write about a few remedies that can be useful when you're suffering with grief.

The first remedy to consider is Aconite. Aconite is used for shock and trauma and can be quite helpful when someone passes away as that is often shocking and traumatic.

The next remedy to consider is Ignatia. This remedy is unparalleled when dealing with acute and recent grief. Someone needing this remedy can be incredibly sad and often will grieve in silence preferring to be alone as they can also be quite moody. There is often a lot of crying with big sobs and sighing.

Natrum Muriaticum is another grief remedy that is a close runner up to Ignatia. The person requiring Nat-M is typically melancholy and they weep a lot. They do not want consolation though and any attempt to console them is often met with anger or embarrassment. 10-11 am is often the worst time of the day for someone needing Nat-M and they can have a strong craving for salty foods.

The remedy Pulsatilla is similar to Nat-M in that there's lots of weeping and silent grief, however, unlike Nat-M, they want and need comfort and consolation to feel better. This person finds it difficult to speak about their grief without weeping and they prefer to be out in the open, cool air as opposed to being in a stuffy and warm room.

Although these are the most common remedies to consider when struggling with grief, there are so many more that could be beneficial as homeopathy is an individualized medicine. You should always seek the advice of a licensed homeopath to select an appropriate remedy, potency and dosage plan.

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