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Hot Winter Vacation Remedies Pt.1

Are you heading south for some fun in the sun? Don't go empty handed, remember to pack the following remedies to help you cope with common health concerns when you head down south.



This is the main first-aid remedy for any type of burn. The skin is red with very painful burning, rawness, and smarting, and is better from cool applications that the person doesn’t want to take off.

Urtica urens:

Skin redness and intense burning heat with a violent itching or a stinging, pricking quality. The burnt skin resembles a rash with little white bumps.


This remedy is for more serious burns that blister and ooze or for the ill-effects of old burns.

Topical applications can be very soothing to a burn:

-Aloe Vera plant. Peel off the outer thin layer of one of the leaves, applying the gelatinous interior directly to the burn.

-Calendula or Hypericum tincture diluted in water, 1 to 10 parts. Apply cool compresses to the sunburned skin, refreshing them frequently as they warm up against the skin.

Insect Bites

Ledum palustre:

This remedy is the main remedy for puncture wounds from insect stings and spider bites as well as a good, first choice for any kind of bite (including a dog or cat bite) that burns, itches, and stings. The site of the sting is bluish in colour with hard, white swelling that feels cold to the touch. The person is usually chilly but better from very cold applications, which is unusual, and therefore, the guiding symptom to use of this remedy. Topical Ledum also relieves itchy mosquito bites.

Apis mellifica:

This is another frequently indicated remedy, esp. for bee stings, when there is tremendous red puffy swelling at the site of the bite, along with a burning, throbbing, stinging sensation. The person is hot and restless, worse with heat, and relieved by cold applications and cold air.


Nux Vomica:

This is the top remedy for over indulgence in alcohol as well as food and is often referred to as the hangover remedy. The person needing this remedy could experience the following symptoms;

Headache or migraine, sensitivity to light, sound and odours, nausea and vomiting, chilliness, irritability

and undigested food sitting “like a rock” in the stomach.

The person that needs Nux Vomica will often say “I would feel so much better if I could only vomit!”

Carbo Vegetalis:

This remedy is known as “the corpse reviver” and is another great remedy for over indulgence in food.

The person needing this remedy could experience the following symptoms; extreme bloating, indigestion and belching, coldness with an aversion to heat, difficulty breathing, air hunger and desire to be fanned, extreme debility, indifference/apathy

Watch for the next blog which will cover food poisoning and travellers diarrhea....

I hope this information helps you have a wonderful Holiday!

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