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Hot Winter Vacation Remedies Pt.2

In the last blog I wrote about good remedies to have on hand for sunburn, insect bites/stings and overindulgence. Now lets talk about food poisoning, travellers diarrhea and motion sickness.

Food Poisoning

Arsenicum Album:

This remedy is wonderful for treating food poisoning. Those needing this remedy are usually restless and anxious. They can’t stand the sight or smell of food. They are thirsty but only for small sips of water. They usually have vomiting and diarrhea but could only have one or the other. There are often burning pains in the stomach or from the diarrhea.

Veratrum Album:

This remedy is good if Arsenicum Album isn’t helpful. There is vomiting or diarrhea, with thirst, but water is often vomited up after drinking it. Movement intensifies the nausea.

Carbo Vegetabalis:

People needing this remedy can have vomiting and diarrhea but NEED air blowing on their face, be it a fan or a breeze, they are air hungry. There is often lot of flatualence and stomach pain that is received by bending double.


This remedy is good for those with relentless nausea that isn’t relieved with vomiting. The vomiting is usually profuse and may be accompanied by pain that is felt around the navel.

Nux Vomica:

This remedy is for those that are nausea and feel they want to throw up but can’t or that they need to have a bowel movement but they can’t. The person needing this remedy is typically irritable and chilly.

Travellers Diarrhea

Arsenicum Album:

A very common remedy in acute diarrhea. The person needing this remedy is usually restless and is thirsty but only for small sips of water. There is usually a sense of anxiety with the illness. The diarrhea is often foul, watery, may include undigested food and it burns.

Veratrum Album:

This remedy is known to help diarrhea when there is a cold sweat, esp. on the forehead. The diarrhea is profuse, watery, exhausting and may be accompanied by muscles spasms. Although the person needing this remedy is chilly, they often desire really cold drinks.


This diarrhea is profuse, gushing and painless.There is typically a lot of gurgling in the stomach before the diarrhea and the odour is offensive and putrid.


The person needing this remedy is overly sensitive when sick. The stools may be slimy, green or yellow and often smell of rotten eggs.

Motion Sickness


This remedy is for typical seasickness

There will be a feeling of weakness with vertigo/dizziness and the desire to lie down. There may be an empty or hollow feeling in the stomach and watching moving objects worsens the nausea and dizziness. The sight or smell of food can worsen the nausea. Lying down and warmth often ameliorate the symptoms. If there is a headache, it will be more at the back of the head and nape of neck.

Complete aversion to drinking and eating.

Kali Bic:

This remedy is for seasickness with Aching, esp. of the face and head.

Used for severe nausea and dizziness that is worse from standing up. The motion sickness will be accompanied by headache, nausea and ringing in the ears and the person may feel weak and achy. The bones of the face and head will feel especially achy.

Vomit may be bright yellow.


Nausea with headache and thirst are keynotes foe this remedy as well as wanting to be left alone.

There can be a severe headache as if a tight bandage was wrapped around the head. Complete darkness can relieve this pain. There can be a dryness of the mouth with an excessive thirst. However, when they drink, they vomit up yellowish bile and are relieved of the nausea momentarily.

The person needing this remedy wants to lie perfectly still and not be talked to or touched.

Nux Vomica:

Nausea with no vomiting

This is used for cases of severe nausea that are accompanied by an intense headache that may be at the back of the head or over one eye. There can be bloating, gagging and retching, but no vomit. Feels like “if I could only vomit, I’d feel better”, but they can’t.


Nausea and vomiting with a greenish tinge of the face

Used for motion sickness with severe nausea and vomiting. Face is pale, (greenish tinge), with cold sweat all over the body even though they are extremely cold. There is a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach and they feel worse with motion.

Better with cold fresh air or when closing eyes.

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