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Introducing...The Expectant Moms Program!

Over the course of the last year I've been working on creating special programs to focus on helping specific groups of people and I am so very excited to introduce the first of these programs today, The Expectant Moms Program!!

The goal of this program is to support Expectant Moms in their journey through pregnancy, labour, delivery and recovery. We've also included remedies and instructions to help with newborn concerns!

Homeopathy has so much to offer Expectant Moms because it is a natural medicine that is Safe, Gentle and Effective!

Some of the pregnancy, labour and delivery concerns that this program addresses are morning sickness, heartburn, yeast infections, colds and flu's, regulating and strengthening contractions, exhaustion, pain management and so much more.

In the postpartum time some of the ailments you can use homeopathy to help with are cracked nipples, mastitis, milk supply, soreness, bruising and bleeding and speeding healing.

For your new baby, there are remedies for constipation, diaper rash, colic, reflux, teething and many more.

The program includes the following:

Initial Wellness Consultation

Custom Remedy Kit with 18 remedies, a case and detailed instructions

Class on when and how to use the remedies for you and your support person

20% discount on all acute consultations during your pregnancy and recovery.

Cost is $350

For more detailed information, please contact Eryn at Barrie Homeopathy & Wellness Centre, 705-790-0132 or

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