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A Case of Childhood Constipation

Constipation in childhood is an ailment I see on a fairly regular basis. Usually it is quick to resolve but on occasion you come across a child that needs some extra help.

There are many reasons why children may end up constipated like toilet training issues, dietary changes, dehydration, changes in routine, intentionally withholding stool, food allergies, family history of constipation and rarely a medical condition.

Most often there are many things that you can do to promote regular bowel movements like offering high fibre foods, encouraging an increase in fluid intake, physical activity, creating a routine and helping them acknowledge the need to use the washroom and going right away.

If these simple adjustments don't help the situation, there may be a deeper issue. I recently worked with a 7 year old girl that dealt with severe constipation from the time she started solids. With her mothers permission, I'm going to share a bit of her story anonymously.

Amanda, (name changed), is a bubbly and outgoing 7 year old that had struggled with bowel issues since starting solid foods. It had progressively gotten worse as she got older and her parents were getting quite worried as she wouldn't have a bowel movement for weeks on end and had stool leakage quite often. Amanda would get bloated and be so uncomfortable and then she would have terrible pain when trying to pass the impacted stool. She needed to use laxatives to force her bowels to empty which made her feel terrible and on occasion would even make her throw up. Amanda's parents wanted to avoid surgical intervention and were also hoping to avoid a lifetime of medication when they came to see me.

Amanda initially didn't have any urge to move her bowels so she didn't know when to go and would end up with her bowels impacted and have stool leakage. Then when she was forced to go using laxatives it was very painful so she became fearful of having a bowel movement. Once Amanda's bowels started to function and she was feeling the urge to go, she started holding it in because she was afraid it would hurt and the leaking continued.

After having some great successes, then stalling we landed on the perfect remedy, potency and dosage frequency. Amanda was no longer fearful of passing stool, her body now produced the urge to go and it no longer hurt!

Amanda, her parents and I were thrilled at this progress! The right remedy was able to eliminate her fear of passing stool and get her bowels to start moving again. She is now having painless bowel movements on a daily basis without fear. She feels so much better and was able to avoid any invasive interventions.

I received a lovely card from her parents and here are some of their comments:

"Please accept our appreciation for all the attention you have paid to Amanda's healing - the phone calls, late night/early morning messages, meetings, remedies and more. I am so grateful we have had you to help us work through this. I am looking forward to the next chapter of Amanda's journey and being able to continue watching her succeed.

I would be happy to recommend you to anyone I knew for whom homeopathy may be beneficial."

This is why I do what I do, I LOVE helping people!!

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