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Homeopathy for Broken Bones

As careful as we might be, sometimes we end up with a broken bone. Thankfully Homeopathy can help reduce pain, swelling and speed the healing of the break.

Here are a few examples I have seen in practice recently;

Male 35, with a shattered collar bone that had to be pieced back together surgically with a plate and 8 screws. "I broke my collar bone in multiple places and Eryn gave me remedies that helped me heal extremely quickly. The doctors were shocked at how quickly the bones repaired."

Girl 12, with broken foot. "My daughter broke her foot and after receiving treatment from Eryn she was out of her cast and back on the basketball court in three weeks."

Male 60, broken ribs, fractures in back and neck. "I had a bad fall from a roof last year and Eryn helped me heal much quicker than was expected. I had a punctured lung, broken ribs, fractures in neck and back and a slight concussion. I was told that I’d be in the hospital for at least a week and then 6 weeks off work for recovery. I saw Eryn the day after the fall and she started treating me. I was out of the hospital in 2 days and back to work in 3 weeks. The doctors were shocked at my progress and I have zero lingering effects from the accident. I have since recommended to anyone I know that has had an accident or surgery to see Eryn. She is thorough, capable and takes the time to listen and explain the healing process."

Here are some of the more common remedies used in helping to heal a broken bone:

Arnica: manages pain swelling.

Hypericum: manages pain in nerve rich areas like fingers, toes and spine.

Bryonia: useful after the shock and trauma have left and the patient is experiencing immense pain with any movement. They want/need to be perfectly still. (eg. coughing with a broken rib)

Calc. Phos.: useful when a bone is slower to heal than it should be.

Eupatorium Perf: manages the persistent deep aching pain at the fracture site.

Ruta: helps to heal injuries to the periosteum.

Symphytum: also called "bone-knit" because it helps broken bones rejoin and heal.

For more information on choosing the right remedy, potency and dosing frequency, please contact Eryn at or 705-790-0132.

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