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Homeopathy for Restless Legs

Restless leg syndrome is a disorder in which the patient feels an urge to move the legs. There's often a sensation in the legs of crawling and you MUST move them. This issue typically only happens when the person is at rest, like at night, but it can happen other times of the day.

Although restless leg syndrome can be a chronic issue that requires treatment from a licensed Homeopath, there are some remedies that you can try in an acute case and they are as follows:

Arsenicum album:

Lower limbs feel uneasy and you must move the feet constantly or get up and walk around. You can not keep still. The person needing Arsenicum Album tends to be restless, anxious and these symptoms are worse at night.


Restless legs primarily at night and the knee joints often crack. The person needing Causticum is often averse to sweets. These patients tend to be idealistic, and cannot tolerate injustice. They also can have a weak bladder.

Ferrum metallicum:

These restless limbs may be from pains that force the need to move. they are often restless in general and may be intensely sensitive to slight noises. Face also often flushes red easily.


Restless legs often are accompanied by digestive problems, (gas, bloating etc). The restless legs are often worse from 4--8 pm.

Rhus tox:

This person has a constant need to move legs which prevents sleep. Pain is worse when first movie and gradually gets better as they continue motion. Worse before storms and better with heat.

Tarentula hispanica:

Extreme restlessness, often with jerking and twitching. The person needing this remedy must keep busy and must hurry. They are often better with rubbing the affected leg.

Zincum metallicum: This remedy is best for fidgety feet that must be moved. There can be trembling and twitching and it is often worse after dinner.

For help with chronic restless leg syndrome, please contact Eryn at 705-790-0132 or at

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