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Homeopathy & PTSD

I have recently had an influx of inquiries about Homeopathy and it's role in treating PTSD as well as patients suffering with PTSD coming to see me so I thought I should speak a bit about it here.

Veterans and Front Line Workers are all at risk of suffering from PTSD, but so is anyone that has experienced physical abuse, sexual violence, physical assault, being in an accident, fire or natural disaster, having a life-threatening medical diagnosis, terrorist attack, and the list of extreme or life threatening events goes on.

In doing research I came upon an article written by Larry Malerba, D.O., Physician and Educator. We share a passion for building bridges between medical communities and the article he has written provides a comprehensive explanation of Homeopathy and the role it can play in the recovery from PTSD. He includes a case involving a Veteran that had been in treatment for years and how he was able to help him.

Please remember that PTSD is a complex concern that requires the help of a licensed Homeopath. Help prescribing for a PTSD case is not recommended.

Enjoy the read:

Link to Article

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