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Homeopathy for Homesickness

With summer around the corner, the kids will be heading to camp, going on vacation, etc.. These situations often come with the dreaded homesickness.

Here is a short list of remedies that could be helpful in relieving homesickness.

Aurum Metallicum:

This remedy is helpful for sadness, longing and melancholy. The child needing this remedy feels forsaken dn believes that they have done something to deserve the abandonment they feel.


The child needing this remedy has symptoms that are volatile. They are sensitive, have nightmares and are quite agitated. Symptoms come and go suddenly and there may be a strong desire for lemons or lemonade. Aggravated by light, noise and touch.


This remedy is helpful when a persons homesickness is accompanied by sleeplessness and red cheeks. They may be angry and want to be left alone and they struggle to concentrate on work and complain that they want to go home.


This is the number one homesickness remedy. it is useful for people that are overwhelmed and upset, sometimes to the point of hysteria. They are made worse with coffee, stress and cold air. If accompanied by headaches, they felt like nails are being driven into the skull. There is a great deal of sighing and they feel disconnected from what's going on.


This remedy is also very useful in homesickness and is helpful for children who feel forsaken and lonely and they are easy to cry. They are sad and feel better with consolation. They need comfort, touch, company and sympathy.

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