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Can Homeopathy Help Tantrums?

Temper tantrums are an indication that something is out of balance. This may be behaviourly, but is typically physiological as well. Often tantrums are explained away by age or genetics but the fact remains...they are still happening and need to be dealt with. Not every teenager needs an attitude adjustment and not every toddler throws tantrums.

Homeopathy is a fantastic tool when dealing with behavioural concerns like losing control of ones emotions or tantrums. It is a gentle and safe alternative that won't alter your child's personality.

As with every other pathology, the professional help of a registered Homeopath should be sought. Choosing the correct remedy can be tricky and involves much more than the symptoms of a one-off tantrum. But if the correct remedy is long tantrums!

If you know someone that suffers with temper tantrums, why not give homeopathy a try. Please contact to see how homeopathy could help you.

Eryn has been able to help lots of families in this area. Please feel free to contact her for testimonials or to discuss your options.

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