Headaches and Homeopathy

If you have recurrent headaches, you should seek the advice of a Homeopath but if you get headaches randomly and know that they are not a symptom of something more serious, I have listed a few remedies below that may be of help. There are many more remedies that are useful for headaches, but the following four are a great place to start:


These headaches are intense with violent and throbbing pains. There is a sensitivity to light, noise, touch, strong smells. The pain comes on quickly and ends quickly. The pain is most often focussed in the forehead. Face can be flushed and hot and pupils may be dilated.


The pain of these headaches is described as a steady ache and any kind of motion aggravates it. Pain is often i the forehead and radiates to the back of the head. The pain is worse with light touch but better with firm pressure. The pain is often worse in the morning and may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting and constipation. The person needing this remedy will be irritable and want to be left alone.


These headaches begin at the back of the head and extends to the rest of the head. It often feels like a tight band around the head. There are often visual disturbances before the headache begins. The pain is often focused on the right side of the head. The person needing this feels dull, tired and apathetic.


These headaches re often brought on from over-indulgence in eating, alcohol, coffee or other drugs. It can also be caused from lack of sleep. There is an overall sick feeling with the headache.