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Sad and Moody Kids and Teens

From the British Homeopathic Association:

Unhappy children and teenagers respond well to homeopathic treatment, writes Keith Souter At one time society recognised that moodiness was a normal part of growing up. Children and teenagers would have bad patches, but it was assumed that they would pass through them without any outside help. In recent years this perception has changed and an increasing number of children and adolescents are being treated for depression. Indeed, in the UK in 2003 over 50,000 children were prescribed antidepressants and over 170,000 prescriptions were given in the year to people under the age of eighteen. Currently, it is estimated that up to five per cent of children and up to 20 per cent of adolescents are depressed. There is concern about this, however, since research has shown that the older antidepressants have no effect on the under-eighteens. Perhaps more significantly, some research suggests that the newer selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) may be dangerous for young people. Read how homeopathy can help:

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