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Why Use Homeopathy?

Dr. Niloy Kumar Adhikary has created a comprehensive list of reasons that homeopathy should be used. Although it is titled “60 Reasons to Choose Homeopathy”, I will select a few of my favourites and list them here.

For the full list, please click This Link

The Short List:

No crude drugs are used in homoeopathy.

All remedies are tested on human volunteers and no one is harmed during testing of homeopathic medicines.

In many cases a single dose of remedy results in healing.

The remedies taste sweet when given dry and children like them.

Remedies work fast because they don’t have to be digested or travel through the alimentary canal. Sometimes they work in seconds.

Remedies help re-establish equilibrium in the body/mind.

Detailed case taking which may last for two hours, tries to understand the patient as a whole, not just the disease.

A remedy given for one ailment often heals other problems.

Not a single remedy is addictive or creates drug dependency.

Remedies helps boost immunity in general.

Remedies have no chemical side effects

Although modern testing methods are used, treatment is often possible without invasive diagnostic procedures

Remedies may be taken along with other forms of treatment

Remedies can often treat post-surgical discomfort without drugging or side effects.

If cure is not possible, palliation still works and without side effects.

Pregnant women may be treated safely without danger to the fetus.

Homeopathic remedies are economical as they cost pennies a dose.

Homeopathic remedies treat mental symptoms without any drug side effects.

Chronic diseases can often be cured, and when not, frequency of attacks can be reduced.

Remedies are environmentally friendly. There are no medical waste products.

Remedies can help people cope with life crises.

Homeopathy can help promote easier and safer birthing.

Homeopathy can often heal complaints that go back many years.

Homeopathic practitioners seek to understand and treat the causes of disease.

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