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Homeopathy and The Flu!

It's flu season and I'm hearing about lots of people being affected. Here are a few of the more common remedies for getting through the flu.

Please book an acute consultation here for help choosing the correct remedy, potency and dosage instructions.


This remedy has sudden and violent onset of symptoms and the person will be red, hot and flushed with a dry fever and no perspiration.

The pain is throbbing or pulsating (head ache, sore throat)

The pupils will be dilated most often and the eyes can have a glassy appearance

They will typically have a hot head with cooler body, esp. extremities


This fever comes on suddenly and violently, not as violently as Belladonna.

There is a burning heat with perspiration and a thirst for cold drinks

Someone needing aconite is intolerant of their pain with fear that they’re not going to get better.

There can be faintness or dizziness upon rising, and face can become pale

pupils are constricted, (opposite to belladonna)

best used in first 24 hours of getting sick


This is a goo to for classic flu symptoms (tiredness, heaviness of limbs, dull, drowsy, aching, droopy, alternating chills and flushes of heat).

Symptoms come on slowly

They are thirstless even with a fever and often have head pain in back of the head.

They are so weak and tired and achy all over that it’s an effort to even rise from bed.

Often there are chills that run up and down the back


These flu symptoms come on slowly and are worse with change of weather.

Lots of chills and shivering but are thirsty for cold water.

There's often dry lips and a coated tongue as well as a bursting, splitting or pounding headache.

This person wants to lie completely still because even the slightest motion causes discomfort and they are quite grumpy when sick.


Flu with sneezing and profuse discharge from the nose.

Often this person gets sick in cold damp or rainy weather.

This remedy is quite useful in summer or fall flus.

The person feels better with motion, warmth and being indoors.


This is a flu remedy put together by Boiron.

you can get the same thing by Homeocan called FluBuster.

It can be used to treat oncoming flu symptoms or established flu symptoms by shortening the duration of the flu and lessening the intensity of the symptoms.

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