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COVID-19 & Homeopathy

We are receiving plenty of calls and emails in regards to the COVID-19 virus. People are asking how they can use homeopathy to prevent it, and treat it if they happen to get it.

Like everyone else, I will tell you to follow simple hygiene rules like wash your hands, keep them away from your face, etc.. You need to take care of yourself which means getting plenty of rest, eating a healthy, balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting exercise. A healthy and supported immune system is one that will work for you.

Now to the Homeopathic side of things. There have been enough cases studied now to come up with a Genus Epidemicus. This is a general remedy that covers the most common symptoms which are fever, chills, dry cough, pneumonia, shortness of breath and tightness of chest.

If you live in an affected area you can take the Genus Epidemicus as a way to help bolster your immune system, (to be clear, this is NOT an immunization. There is no vaccine for COVID-19 at this point). If you start displaying symptoms of the virus, there are a handful of remedies that can be used to help your body fight it, (This is not a "cure". It is support for your body fighting the virus).

If you're interested in getting a remedy to help bolster your immune system, or remedies to help you fight the virus in the event of contracting COVID-19, please book an acute phone consultation.

I'm hoping you don't need me, but I'm here if you do!

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