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Magic Pills Movie

"The controversy surrounding homeopathy is rapidly escalating. Is homeopathy a miracle medicine that can save lives, or is it one of the greatest and most elaborate frauds known to man? Magic Pills examines real life stories and the scientific evidence. As governments worldwide are seeking to limit access to homeopathy and other natural therapies, this film is an urgent wake-up call." - taken from the Magic Pills Website

I had intended on doing a showing of this movie in a group format so that we could have discussions, yummy snacks and enjoy our time together. The cost for this was $20/person.

Due to the current pandemic, this obviously isn't a choice. However, the film maker has made it available to stream so at least we can still watch it, even if it is on our own. We can gather and chat about it after all of this clears up.

It's been made available to stream for $4.99 USD.

I hope you take the time to watch and enjoy this film. It is eye opening!!

To watch the movie, click this link

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