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Homeopathy for Ankle Sprains

Spring is finally here and although track meets have been cancelled, trail running, hiking and so much more is still on. This is also means sprained ankles but don't worry, there are a number homeopathic remedies to help you heal quickly and effectively.

You always start with Arnica to manage pain, swelling and bruising but here are some good follow up remedies:

Bryonia: This remedy is helpful for very painful sprains that are worse with even the slightest movements. They feel much better at complete rest and with pressure like you'd get from a tight bandage.

Ledum palustre: Ledum is useful when the joint feels cold and looks bruised (blue-black). However, although the ankle feels cold, it feels better with ice cold compresses—the colder the better.

Rhus toxicodendron: This remedy is helpful for sprains with restlessness (can't get comfortable) and a lot of stiffness. It is worse when you first start to move the joint but gradually gets better with continued motion. The person needing this remedy will find relief with hot compresses on the affected joint.

Ruta graveolens: the pain with Ruta is constant and feels more bruised than achy. The person needing this remedy find the pain worse with pressure (no tight bandages), standing or walking. The pains are better with heat.

If you tend to sprain your ankles frequently, you should seek the assistance of a licensed homeopath to help prescribe the appropriate remedy for prevention.

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