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Homeopathy for Pink Eye

The dreaded pink eye, (conjunctivitis), has hit your house. Thankfully, homeopathy works wonders on pink eye.

Here are some of the most common remedies used and the specific symptoms that go with each.

You should always seek the advice of a registered Homeopath so that they can help you find the right remedy, potency and frequency of dosage for best results.


-puffy swelling of the eyelids and the eyelids may stick together

-eyes feel better from cold applications

-stinging, burning pain may be experienced

-this person often feels irritable

Argentum Nitricum:

-swelling of the eyelids with yellowish or pus-like discharge as well as redness of the whites and inner corners of the eyes.

-the eyes may feel tired and achy

-worse from light and warmth

better from cold compresses and fresh air


-intense redness of the eyes including a bloodshot appearance of the whites of the eyes.

-there may be a throbbing pain or the eye may feel hot.

-there may be a fever

-rapid onset of symptoms


-large quantity of tears that burn the eye and surrounding skin

-greenish or whitish discharge and it may feel like there's sand in the eye

-profuse discharge from the nose that is bland

Hepar Sulphur:

-eyes feel sore or bruised with inflammation and burning pain

-yellow discharge can stick eyelids shut, especially in the morning

-warm compresses and warmth in general make the patient feel better

-patient is typically very sensitive to cold, light and noise

-patient can be irritable as well

Mercurius Solubilis:

-patient will feel lousy and are sensitive to heat AND cold

-discharge fro eyes is greenish-yellow and can irritate the eyelids and margins of the eyes

-patient often has very offensive breath, lots of salivated is very thirsty

-can also have eruptions around the eyes


-lots of thick yellow itchy discharge from eyes

-discharge doesn't irritate the skin around the eyes

-patient needing this is very needy and worse in a warm room

-cool compresses on eyes are soothing and the patient is often thirstless


-red eyes that burns nd itch

-whites of eyes look bloodshot and the tears feel hot

-symptoms are worse from heat

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