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Homeopathy Alongside Breast Cancer Treatment

With the support of the Italian government, the homeopathic clinic at Lucca's public hospital in Italy ran a pilot project to study if the use of homeopathic remedies could be helpful reducing the side effects of breast cancer treatment.

Most of the patients in the study were referred by their oncologists and the study ran for 4 years.

They found that homeopathy significantly reduced the incidence of hot flashes, joint pain, weakness, nausea, anxiety and depression and more. It was also found that radiodermatitis was also reduced.

The study concluded that an integrative oncology approach provides an “opportunity to reduce adverse effects of anti-cancer therapy and to improve cancer patients’ quality of life.”

I have seen this in my practice time after time and not just with breast cancer patients, but all types of patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. We're able to provide relief from many of the common side effects without the use of more pharmaceuticals.

For more information on the study, please click This Link.

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