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Homeopathy for Fractures

Homeopathy is incredibly useful for helping to heal fractures. The remedies listed below can help with pain and swelling, bruising, soreness and knitting bone.

Arnica controls bleeding and speeds the healing of damaged tissues. Arnica should be use in the first 1-3 days at least to help control the pain, bruising and swelling.

Bryonia is useful when the pain intensifies with the slightest movement and is much better when you remain perfectly still. Putting pressure on the painful part always helps as it stabilizes it and it moves less.

Symphytum can ease the pain of the break and can speed the healing of the break. It is also known as "knit-bone" as it starts to knit the bone back together within 24 hours of taking it. So you need to make sure that the bone has been properly set before using this remedy.

Here is a snippet from one of my patients that had extensive injuries after falling off a roof onto rocks and used remedies to heal.

"I had a bad fall from a roof last year and Eryn helped me heal much quicker than was expected. I had a punctured lung, broken ribs, fractures in neck and back and a slight concussion. I was told that I’d be in the hospital for at least a week and then 6 weeks off work for recovery. I saw Eryn the day after the fall and she started treating me. I was out of the hospital in 2 days and back to work in 3 weeks. The doctors were shocked at my progress and I have zero lingering effects from the accident. I have since recommended to anyone I know that has had an accident or surgery to see Eryn. She is thorough, capable and takes the time to listen and explain the healing process."

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