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Homeopathy for the Summer Flu

Most people think the flu only happens between November and April but you can get the flu in the summer too. Below are some of the more common remedies that can be helpful.


Use aconite at the first signs of a cold or flu, especially when brought on by exposure to cold weather.


This child will be hot, dry, flushed with fever and have throbbing pains. They will often have dilated pupils as well. The flu is worse in the afternoon and night, from noise,lying down, bright lights and jarring movements. They feel better with warmth and while lying down.


This remedy is for a wide range of symptoms including exhaustion leading to the flu, sneezing, sore throat, flushing, aching, trembling, heavy eyes, and absence of thirst even in high temperatures. Additionally, the child may experience aching muscles, difficulty in swallowing, runny nose, dizziness, and chills.

Hepar Sulph.:

This child will experience the flu symptoms with hyper sensitivity and irritability.The child may be extremely sensitive to touch, pain, or cold—even from a slight draft.

Oscillococsinum or Flu Buster:

These remedies can be used as prevention but taking one dose a week or to treat the flu by taking it frequently until symptoms abate. The directions are on the package and are easy to follow.

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