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Temper Tantrums managed with Homeopathy

Temper tantrums are an indication that something is out of balance. This may be behaviourly, but is typically physiological as well. Often tantrums are explained away by age or genetics but the fact remains...they are still happening and need to be dealt with. Not every teenager needs an attitude adjustment and not every toddler throws tantrums.

Homeopathy is a fantastic tool when dealing with behavioural concerns like losing control of ones emotions or tantrums. It is a gentle and safe alternative that won't alter your child's personality.

As with every other pathology, the professional help of a registered Homeopath should be sought. Choosing the correct remedy can be tricky and involves much more than the symptoms of a one-off tantrum. But if the correct remedy is long tantrums!

Here are a few of the common remedies used to help with tantrums. This list only touches on a few remedies but may help point you in the right direction.

Nux Vomica

Irritability is key to this remedy. There will also likely be gastrointestinal issues like bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation. The person needing this remedy has likely over done it. Too much sugar, alcohol, rugs, too much stress, pressure, too much food etc. Think over-indulgence.


Anger is prominent in this remedy as well as irritability. The reaction to a situation is much worse than what is called for. The person needing this remedy is overly sensitive to both touch and words and will respond much more severely than is warranted.


This individual is typically insecure and have lots of gastrointestinal complaints. They quite often appear confident and even boastful but this is masking insecurity as they are worried about how others see them. They are often sour and unpleasant and the are worse when they're alone as their anxiety heightens then.


Unlike the previous three remedies, this remedy doesn't exhibit anger or irritability. It focuses on the inability to relax and the mind racing. Because the mind is already excited, there is an increased sensitivity to noise, light, touch, pain etc. and the response is out of proportion to the situation.

If you know someone that suffers with temper tantrums, why not give homeopathy a try. Please contact to see how homeopathy could help you.

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