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Shingles and Homeopathy

I've recently seen a number of people with shingles and thought it would be helpful to blog about some of the remedies that can help you through this unpleasant virus.

As always, it's recommended that you see a licensed homeopath to help you chose the appropriate remedy and course of action.

Rhus Tox:

This is the most common remedy used for shingles. it is especially useful at the beginning of the disease.

The skin will be hot, red and swollen.

There can be intense itching and blister like vesicles

Feels better with hot water and worse from cold applications

The burning and neuralgic pains are worse with rest as well as beginning to move. However, continued motion makes you feel better

Ranunculus Bulbosus:

The rash is usually on the torso, chest and in the space between ribs

There is often stitching pains in the chest and between the shoulder blades

Eruptions are often bluish in colour

There is burning and intense itching

Worse from touch, wet weather, motion, deep breathing and turning the body

Better from rest, warm applications and warm weather

Shooting pains with formation of hard scabs

Arsenicum Album:

Burning and itching red blisters

Burning is better with hot applications or a hot bath

There can be painful or burning neuralgia

Symptoms are worse after midnight, in open air and in cold

Generally speaking, people needing this remedy are chilly, anxious and restless.


Violent itching of eruptions and it burns like fire.

Very chilly and very sensitive to cold air

When dry scabs form they are very painful if torn off

Internal burning pains that are worse at night, worse from warmth and better from cold applications even though they’re very chilly.

Iris Versicolor:

Ideal when shingles in on the right side of the body

Vesicles will show black spots after scratching

Very itchy at night

Can become pustular on arms, abdomen, back, buttocks and left knee

Evening is the worst time for itching


Eruptions are moist, burn when touched, surrounded by dry scales and easily bleed

Warmth makes the itching increase.

Perspiration increases itching and they sweat easily.

The perspiration has an oily quality to it and can stain clothing yellow.


There is violent itching and burning that’s worse from scratching and washing.

Warmth aggravates the itching and burning


This remedy is usually used when the shingles are in the later stages. The vesicles will have taken on a crusty quality, especially if there is a sticky exudation, often the colour of honey.


Shingles that are excessively painful. There may be intense itching, but it is the excess pain along the nerve, often tingling and burning, that is the main indication.


The burning is extreme and associated with a feeling of rawness. The burning is worse with touch and better with cold applications.

There are many other remedies that could prove useful with shingles but these are the main ones. As always, for best results, you should contact your licensed homeopath to help you choose the most appropriate remedy.

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