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Big News...We're Moving!!

In light of all the changes that covid-19 has brought about, we've realized that our patients LOVE the convenience and ease of being seen virtually. It allows people to "squeeze in" an appointment when it's convenient, eliminating travel to and from the clinic and cutting down on the time away from work and school. Virtual appointments allow people to continue with their health care without taking the risk of going to a busy clinic. It also allows you to see the Homeopath in your PJ's if you wish!

Whether we speak over the phone, via FaceTime or on Doxy, (which is a medical appointment website), we're still successfully helping our patients. So, until covid-19 is under control, we will continue to operate virtually, for the most part.

For those of you that prefer to be seen in person, do not worry, face to face appointments will still be available, (just not at 93 Bell Farm Road after Sept. 24th), following strict covid-19 protocols. If you wish to be seen in person, you will need to book your appointment by calling us at 705-790-0132 or emailing Eryn directly at to make arrangements for an in person visit.

Realistically, not much is changing from how we've operated over the last 6 months, only our address will be different. Appointments will continue virtually, if someone needs to be seen in person, we will arrange it, remedies will continue to be provided via contactless pick up, and we will continue to take payment in the form of E-transfer, Visa, Mastercard and Amex.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to Helping You Heal With Homeopathy!

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