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Bee Stings and Homeopathy

I've been witness to a number of people being stung recently by dopey bees and wasps so I thought this information might be helpful for everyone.

If you get stung by a bee or wasp, look into these remedies to help:

Ledum palustre:

This remedy is the main remedy for puncture wounds from insect stings that burn, itch, and stings. The site of the sting is bluish in colour with hard, white swelling that feels cold to the touch. The person is usually chilly but better from very cold applications, which is unusual, and therefore, the guiding symptom to use of this remedy.

Apis mellifica:

This is another frequently indicated remedy, esp. for bee stings, when there is tremendous red puffy swelling at the site of the bite, along with a burning, throbbing, stinging sensation. The person is hot and restless, worse with heat, and relieved by cold applications and cold air.


A very useful remedy for a wasp sting followed by severe stinging, piercing pain, along with staring into space, convulsions, and loss of consciousness.

If you need help choosing a remedy, potency or the frequency of dosage, please book an acute appointment here:

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