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Bug Bites and Homeopathy

Summer is finally here and with it comes some common summer time issues like bug bites and stings.

Here are a few remedies that are incredibly useful in dealing with the sting, swelling and itch from the bites of these pests!


This remedy is especially useful for bee stings or bites when the area of the sting/bite is swollen, red, warm to the touch and feels better with a cold application.


This remedy is invaluable for bites from larger insects that cause puncture wounds like mosquitos. The key indication is that the area of the bite is reddish blue and is surrounded by a very pale area. It will also feel cold to the touch, (the opposite of Apis), however, the application of cold really helps these bites as well.

Urtica Urens:

"Scratching feels too good to stop" is a key indication that this remedy is needed. The person needing this will have hives and itching that feels better with rubbing or scratching. This remedy is also useful for jellyfish stings, (just in case you're somewhere exotic).

For help choosing a remedy and potency, or if you'd like to stock up on some summer time essential remedies, contact

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