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Cystitis & Homeopathy

Going to the washroom 20 - 30x a day is not pleasant.

To go along with the urgency and frequent urination, cystitis can bring burning and cutting pains (before, during and/or after urination), general feeling of unwell, blood in the urine and many more.

Thankfully homeopathy can help with cystitis. Here are a handful of remedies that can help. Please remember to contact a licensed homeopath with help choosing a remedy, potency and frequency of dosage. If you frequently have UTI's you should see a licensed Homeopath for a constitutional treatment.


Useful for treating cystitis following bruising injuries of the perineum. Really helpful after childbirth when there is trouble emptying the bladder and some involuntary dribbling.


This is one of the most common remedies for cystitis. There is burning/scalding before, during and after urination. The patient will avoid drinking in order to stop urinating.

Nux Vomica:

There is a constant urge to urinate and the bladder feels very full even though only tiny amounts are passed. It is useful for those with a driven ambitious and competitive personality.


This remedy is for emotional people with changeable symptoms. Because they are typically thirstless, they are more prone to UTI's. They want sympathy when they aren't well and the pain is worse when they hold the urine and when they're done passing urine.


The most common symptom when this remedy is needed is that the pain is the worst at the end of urinating.


This remedy is helpful in recurrent UTI's. There is often a loss of libido due to the fear of getting a UTI.


Otherwise known as Honeymoon cystitis. It's also helpful when a UTI follows a pelvic exam, operation or labour.

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