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Detoxing with Homeopathy

On multiple occasions I have been asked about homeopathic detoxing and if there is a specific protocol, (short cut), for detoxing from certain substances like heavy metals.

From a Homeopathic stand point, the best way to help a person detox is to start treating them on a constitutional level which heals the body and opens up the proper channels for elimination. Once the body has been brought back into full health, it can then proceed to eliminate toxins as it should.

While the body can be forced to detox using specific homeopathic remedies it often causes unpleasant aggravations. It also doesn't get deep enough, to the root of the problem, and therefore won't be a long term fix. The goal with a proper Homeopathic treatment is to eliminate the toxins AND clear the pathways for the body to continue to eliminate toxins in the future.

For more information on how Homeopathy works and can help you detox, please contact Eryn at or call 705-790-0132

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