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Ear Infections and Homeopathy

Ear infections are such a common childhood issue and it's been found that antibiotics are often not helpful. Homeopathy is quite useful in treating ear infections and here are some of the remedies that are more commonly used:


This child is in pain and wants everyone to know it. They want to be carried all the time and cry when they're put down. They demand things and then throw them away once they have them. They may also have one cheek that is red while the other one is pale.


This child is tearful, but quietly so. They want sympathy and nurturing and aren't angry or demanding like Chamomilla. Discharges (from nose typically) are yellow or green, thick and bland. Feel better in open air and don't have much of an appetite or thirst.


This child experiences a very sudden and violent onset of their symptoms. They are typically hot and red and dry, not sweaty. Often the head is hot, but the extremities are cool. Can experience twitching or jerking, often in their sleep. They are often excited and restless.

Ferrum Phosphoricum:

The child needing this remedy is similar to Belladonna but less intense. They are sensitive to light and jarring motions. They are hot but not burning and red but not scarlet like belladonna.

Hepar Sulphuris:

This child is chilly, sweats easily and often has a barking cough. Their discharges are typically thick and yellow and the pains are often splinter-like.

For help deciphering which remedy would be best, contact a registered Homeopath for a quick acute consultation. If ear infections are chronic, a Homeopath can help get to the bottom of the cause and help your child heal properly.

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